Tenant Screening in Michigan

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Screen your prospective Tenant using the latest software/hardware technology with personalized service to deliver superior business intelligence allowing property owners, real estate agents, and other small business professionals to screen their potential tenant.

Follow the link below to access the highest quality credit management products and services.

A powerful and convenient tenant screening service

  • Safest compliance practice
  • NO lengthy application process
  • NO physical inspection
  • NO credit card needed
  • NO monthly fee
  • NO contract

How it works:

  • Follow the link below and register online
  • It’s easy – just verify identity by answering questions
  • It’s fast – register in 5 minutes
  • Create your own customized rental application for free
  • Send your customized rental application requests to prospective tenants – you will be notified when they respond
  • Send as many as you like – each request has a unique identifier that you can monitor from your dashboard
  • Applicant pays for their own report


  • Prospective tenant (Applicant) receives request and clicks on request link
  • Applicant registers – same quick-and-easy process
  • Applicant pays for the report
  • Applicant receives their report and shares it with You


  • You receive notification that the report is ready
  • Log-in through the secured server to obtain real time, direct from Experian Credit Report and Score
  • Criminal and Eviction searches optional
  • That’s all there is to it! You have a current Experian credit report on your prospective tenant to make a sound decision

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