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Professional services provided:

  • Landlords: Are you a Landlord? Do you have a problematic or delinquent tenant? Do you need a new residential or commercial lease? Piper Legal provides full service representation to Landlords.  Our goal is to increase your cash flow!  10,000 units under management or 1 rental home, we handle your case efficiently and professionally.  Piper Legal is active in nearly ALL Michigan District Courts and know all of the different procedures.   Our proprietary technology revolutionizes the court process for Landlords, resulting in higher income and fewer vacancies.  Find out how we can make your more successful, email or call us at (810) 235- 2558 today!
  • Land Contracts: Are you selling property on land contract and not getting paid? Are you considering selling or buying real estate on a land contract? We can help you understand the benefits and discover the pitfalls of land contracts. Piper Legal handles more land contract enforcement action than any firm in the State of Michigan.  We know land contracts.  Call or email us at (810) 235-2558 to learn more.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Commercial refinancing? Construction loan? Cash deal? Residential purchase?  Piper Legal can be your cost effective, legal team for your transaction.  We handle tens of millions of dollars of real estate financing transactions annually.  Do you have questions about property you have previously bought or sold? We can help answer your real estate transaction questions, call or email us at (810) 235-2558 to learn more.
  • Condominium Assessment Collection: Are you on the board of your condominium association? Tired of your neighbors not paying their share? We specialize in fast and economical dues and assessment collection. Call or email today for a free consultation. Small Business Issues: Looking to start a business? Want to form a Limited Liability Company? Have an existing business and not sure you are protected? Contact our office with your questions or concerns and we will reply ASAP.
  • Collection: Does someone owe you money? Have a delinquent account? Our office specializes in collection cases. We are successful at collecting outstanding fees on loans, service contracts, promissory notes etc, often without the filing of a lawsuit! For information on how to collect an outstanding debt email our office.

Other Legal Question: Not sure if you need an attorney? For over 50 years attorneys in our office have addressed the legal concerns of the citizens and businesses of the State of Michigan. If we are unable to immediately assist you we will connect you with a highly competent, qualified attorney in your area who can. Email our office with your legal question and we will respond as soon as possible.